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Truck Equipment

Product Information

Contract #141 

 Auto Truck Group Contract Extension
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The SPC Governing Board has awarded the final contract extension for the 2017 Truck Equipment contract with Auto Truck Group from March 20, 2017 through March 19, 2018 and offers a new Fire Chief Vehicle Package.
9’ Standard Heavy Duty Platform:   $2,603.00
12’ Standard Heavy Duty Platform  $2,779.00
9’ Dump Body:   $6,406.00
11’ Dump Body:             $7,140.00
9’ Dual Rear Wheel Service Body:        $6,148.00
11’ Dual Rear Wheel Service Body:       $7,513.00
9’ Plow Blade with Snow Deflector:         $5,102.00
NEW ITEM:  Fire Chief Vehicle Package: $4,945.00
Four lights in grille, red on the outside and white in the middle
Siren/Air Horn switches  
Two red/white lights in the rear doors, one on each side
Two red/white lights in cargo area, one on each side  
One red/white visor light in windshield  
Two red/white visor lights in rear window  
Four corner strobes  
Wig-wag headlights and tail lights (if applicable)  

Ordering Information

Order are placed directly through Auto Truck Group and billing is performed by the dealer.
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