About Programs

In order to enhance and add value to our membership, the Northwest Municipal Conference provides a variety of programs and services designed to improve the operations of local government. These programs and services allow members to combine their resources to reap savings on annual purchases, enhance the knowledge and skills of elected officials, and provide services in a more efficient manner.

Some of the highlights of the programs and services provided by the Northwest Municipal Conference include:

  • The Suburban Purchasing Cooperative - a joint purchasing program that combines the buying power of our members that annually produces significant savings on over $55 million worth of products ranging from fire engines to paper products. The Conference also offers several environmentally conscious products such as the Chevrolet Bolt EV, Bio-Diesel and E-85 Fuels, bio-degradeable Janitorial Supplies and Recycled Copier Paper .
  • NWMC Surplus Vehicle and Equipment Auctions - live events that attract hundreds of bidders looking for great deals on surplus vehicles and equipment,
  • The NWMC Elected Officials Institute - training for elected officials on topics ranging from the mechanics of good government to understanding and influencing Springfield,
  • The NWMC Alternate Dispute Resolution Program - a forum for settling local disputes between residents,
  • The NWMC Employee Assistance Program - confidential assistance to help local government staff deal with personal issues,
  • NWMC Surveys - a forum for sharing information between communities.

In this section of the website, you will find additional information on some of the programs and services offered by the Northwest Municipal Conference.