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Contract #192

Graybar/OMNIA Partners Electrical Lighting, Data/Communication, Networking, Wireless, Security & Related MRO Supplies & Services

The SPC Governing Board is pleased to announce the second contract extension of Electrical Lighting, Data/Communication, Networking, Wireless, Security and Related MRO Supplies and Services (Contract #192) to GraybaR, St. Louis, MO by piggybacking onto the Omnia Partners Contract #EV2370 awarded by lead agency, the City of Kansas City, according to the State of Illinois statues, 525/2 from Ch. 85, par. 1602. (Governmental Joint Purchasing Act), which authorizes any governmental unit may purchase personal property, supplies and services jointly with one or more other governmental units.  The contract is effective February 1, 2024 and will expire on January 31, 2025. The contract can then be renewed annually for the duration of the contract, which expires January 31, 2029.

Graybar, a Fortune 500 company is a leading distributor of data/communication, networking, wireless, security, electrical and lighting products. OMNIA Partners lowers your overall project and purchasing costs while providing the quality of service and expertise customers expect from Graybar.

  • Over 4,000 of our associates actively work in support of participating public agencies each year - from locations right down the street.
    With over $500 million in inventory, material is available when and where our OMNIA Partners customers need it.

Graybar operates a centralized Call Center to support our State/Local Government and Education customers. Call Center agents assist customers on a regional basis and support order requests through local branch or service center inventory.

The program offers their best overall value to a state and local government agency. Graybar/OMNIA has worked with their key Graybar suppliers to negotiate reduced costs wherever possible on frequently purchased items in the core list provided. For items frequently purchased by multiple agencies, our proposal targets 5 - 10% savings to the participants assuming a consistent mix of product purchases.

The contract is good for:
Electrical: A complete and comprehensive offering of wholesale electrical supplies such as, but not limited to:
-Conduit, Wire, Boxes, Fittings, Devices, Enclosures, Fuses, Power Distribution and Control and Related General Electrical Materials 

Lighting: A complete and comprehensive offering of wholesale lighting products such as, but not limited to:
-Lamps, Ballasts, Fixtures, Controls, all related Lighting and LED Products

Value Added Services: A complete and comprehensive offering of value-added services to support products submitted in the vendor's proposal. Services may include, but are not limited to:
-Assessment, Repair, Renovation, Installation, Testing, Inventory, Emergency, Training and other related services that may be offered by Supplier

Related Maintenance, Repair and Operation (MRO) and Other Products: A complete and comprehensive offering of related wholesale MRO and other products to support agency-specific needs
Graybar Communication/Security Products and Services
Data / Communication, Networking & Wireless: A complete and comprehensive offering of wholesale data/communication, networking, and wireless supplies such as, but not limited to:
- Networking & Wireless, Copper/Fiber Cabling, Connectivity and Termination, Power Backup & Power Protection, Racks, Cabinets and Enclosures, Raceway, and Wire-Way
Security: A complete and comprehensive offering of wholesale security products such as, but not limited to:
- Cameras, Monitoring, Entrance Protection, Fire, and Intrusion
Disaster Preparedness
While disasters or emergencies are not something we like to think about, the reality is they happen — and Graybar is prepared. We have the locations, processes and products available to assist our public agencies in the event of an emergency or disaster. As a leading distributor of electrical, lighting, data/communications, networking and security products, Graybar helps its customers power, network and secure their facilities with speed, intelligence, and efficiency. Graybar can quickly provide the materials necessary in an emergency situation to set up command centers, power-up shelters, set up security systems, repair or replace damaged electrical. lighting and communication systems.
Other Graybar Services:
Product Kitting
Just in Time (JIT) Benefits
Graybar Financial Services
Project Order Management
Smartstock Streamlines Replenishment Process
Material Staging
Technical Assistance
Orders are placed directly on the OMNIA Partners/Graybar website.  Billing is performed by the vendor.
If you need help getting started, have questions or need additional information, please contact Omnia Partners Public Strategic Contract Manager Jeff Peskuski.
900 Regency Drive, 
Glendale Heights, IL 60139

Jeff Peskuski, Direct: 314-573-7154, Cell: 630-640-4905

John Sepiol, Cell: 317-710-8592