Product Information

Contract #230

Diesel Fuel Including Gasoline (87, 89 & 92 Octane), Ethanol 75 & 85 and B2 Bio Diesel Fuel 

The SPC Governing Board has awarded the 2024 Gasoline (87,89 & 92 Octane), Diesel Fuel, Ethanol 75 & 85 and B20 Bio Diesel Fuel Contract (#230) to Al Warren Oil Co. Inc. from July 6, 2024 through July 5, 2025 with three possible, one-year contract extensions upon mutual agreement between the SPC and Al Warren Oil, Inc. under the same terms and conditions as the original contract.

Prices are based on OIL PRICE INFORMATION SERVICE (OPIS) Low Chicago published price per gallon dated May 6, 2024, plus or minus the bidder’s profit/overhead (“contractor mark-up”).  The OPIS CHICAGO sheet for May 6 must be attached to the bid.  The price per gallon will be based on the low posted for the day of delivery. The mark-up amount will remain firm throughout the term of the contract.

Ordering Information
Every municipality and government agency in the State of Illinois is authorized to participate in this program.  To participate in this contract, please contact Shaleen Okon at 312-881-9324 with your billing and delivery address along with a contact name.  All billing is handled by  Al Warren Oil, Inc. 

Al Warren Oil Co., Inc.
1646 Summer Street
Hammond, IN 46320 
Contact Person: Arnie Berg
Cell Phone: 630-484-4368
Contact Person: Ms. Shaleen Okon
Cell Phone: 312-881-9324
Fax: 219-228-5259