Police Pursuit Vehicles

Product Information

Contract #200, #201, 202


The SPC will solicit bids on 2024 models when specs and production are available.


Product Information

Contract #204

Ford Police Interceptor Utility

The SPC Governing Board has approved the first of three, possible one-year contract extensions on the 2025 Ford Interceptor Utility through November 15, 2024, with the requested price increases.

  • 2025 Ford Interceptor Utility, with all standard equipment, conventional gas: $44,954.00.
  • Optional Hybrid (limited supply): $47,615.00.

Orders are placed directly through Currie Motors.  Billing is performed by the dealer.  
Currie Motors
10125 W. Laraway Road
Frankfort, IL  60423
Phone: 815-464-9200
Fax: 815-464-7500
Contact Person: Tom Sullivan

Product Information

Contract #171

Ford Expedition XL 4x4

The contract for the Ford Expedition has expired.  The SPC will solicit bids on 2024 models when specifications are released.

Product Information

Contract #179

Ford F-150 Police Responder

The Ford F-150 Police Responder is not currently available.  It will be rebid when Ford releases 2024 specs.

Product Information

Contract #185

Chevrolet Tahoe Police Pursuit Vehicle

The SPC will bid on 2024 Tahoe vehicles when General Motors releases specs.